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We Are Collector Car Buyers
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The VIN common locations are the driver's side dashboard and the door post.
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In the summer of 1991, John Clay Wolfe founded Give Me The Vin (GMTV), now the nation’s largest wholesale distributor. For over 30 years, his vision has remained clear: MAKE CAR DEALS SIMPLE. GMTV revolutionized online car buying for everyday cars and trucks, then luxury and exotic vehicles with ‘GMTV-LUX.’ Now, GMTV is targeting the Classic & Collector (CC) market. Wolfe established a dedicated CC location in Walnut Springs, Texas, separate from GMTV headquarters. This facility offers a tailored experience that celebrates the unique craftsmanship, emotion, and condition of classic and collector cars.
John Clay Wolfe

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The GMTV-CC Advantage

GMTV-CC offers a modern, hassle-free way to sell your classic and collector cars. No waiting for events, no exorbitant fees, and no stressful negotiations. Simply fill out the form and let’s get started on selling your special vehicle the easy way.

Experience the future of car sales with GMTV-CC, where your classic car is treated with the respect and care it deserves.

Experts in the luxury of a hassle-free car selling.

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